Wrap up on VGS Presentation

April 11th, I spent the day with over 200 researchers at the VGS spring conference and  they were a lively and fun group.

You can find my slides from those presentations at Slides and Presentations.

Here are the spread sheet examples:

Happy Searching!

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  1. Hello there, My mother & father just got their DNA tested & as we were googling the different cultures we stumbled upon a page with your name & bio on it… From my paternal side, we are Gillespie’s & as the story goes, my grandfather is from West Virginia. I am not sure how to contact you aside from this comment box, but thought I would plant the seed & as you are the professional in this field, I will let you make the connection if you feel so driven! Wishing you well, Wile’e Malia Gillespie