Slides and Template from San Diego Genealogy Day!

photo by J Paul Hawthorne
photo by J Paul Hawthorne

I had a great time with the San Diego Genealogy Society and San Diego Historical Society!

You can find the slides from my lectures How Do I Know I Am Right and Finding and Researching Women on my Slides and Presentations Page. (Note: I updated the How Do I Know I’m Right so it works!)

Also, I will be in Annadale, Virginia doing an all day presentation for the Fairfax Genealogy Society on October 29th.

Register today at Fairfax Genealogical Society 13th Annual Fair for:

  • Finding Forgotten Stories
  • Researching Your Southern Ancestors Online
  • Cousin Bait: Make Social Media Work For You
  • Putting Food on the Table & A Roof Over Their Heads



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