52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks!

52ancestorsI am participating in Amy Johnson Crow’s 52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks challenge.

My Ancestors:

The Great Grand Mothers

  1. Laura Cecile Donald : A very brief introduction to my father’s paternal grandmother. Other posts:
  2. Clara Ellen Hash: How an Ancestry Shaky Leaf Solved my Marriage Problem
  3. Sarah Sudie Hamrick: My great grandmother might have been a muse.
  4. Georgia Eva Baxter: Come out, come out where ever you are! The hunt for elusive parents.

The Great Great Grandmothers

  1. Mary Elizabeth Gillespie (1826-1893): Early Research. Sloppy Research. Lots of Questions.
  2. Elizabeth Jane Wallace (1844-1918): A Few Steps Closer to a Death Date and a Burial Place
  3. Idella Josephine Snavely (1866-1942)
  4. Sarah Hash (1866-1911)
  5. Mary W Martin (1848-1910)
  6. Delila Parthenia Hopper (1861-1929)
  7. Elizabeth Carroll (1856-1901)
  8. Mary M Alexander (1855-1884)

The Great Great Great Grandmothers (some of these need work and proof)

  1. Mahala Reynolds
  2. Harriet Smith
  3. Nancy Matchett
  4. Martha Jane Cash
  5. Juliette Gross
  6. Mollie Repass
  7. Frances J Hackler
  8. Rebecca McGrady
  9. Nancy Pennington
  10. Rebecca Spurlin
  11. Sarah Moore
  12. Susan Harris
  13. Mary Ann Froneberger
  14. Lucinda Roark
  15. Sarah Bess
  16. Eva Weaver

2 thoughts on “52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks!

  1. mkfelsted

    Nancy Matchett – can you tell me more about this line, please? One of my dead-ends is my Mary Matchett (1749-1837), born ? died in Kentucky. mkfelstedATgmail.com

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