Laura Cecile Donald (1877 – 1964)

Laura Cecile DONALD was my great-grandmother. She was the daughter of James Calvin DONALD and Elizabeth Jane WALLACE

James Calvin DONALD was the son John DONALD and Nancy MACHETTE

John DONALD was the son of James DONALD and Jennie MCCORKLE. He was the great-grandson of Matthew DONALD and Eliabeth LYLE who are members of families that originally settled in Rockbridge, Virginia

I have been able to piece together a lot of the DONALD and LYLE family tree from a book published in 1912 about the LYLE’s in early Virginia.

8 thoughts on “Laura Cecile Donald (1877 – 1964)

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  6. Jeff Ford

    Anne, I have the PDF version of your Cousin Bait post. I have (at least) one question for you about it. How much in detail do you go on the first post? Do you post just enough information like you did about your great grandmother? Or you do post everything you know about the person? I ask because I am thinking about creating a blog about the family that I am researching and some of its “problem children.” I have written a post for the blog that I am thinking about making but I haven’t posted it. Thanks.

  7. Anne Gillespie Mitchell Post author

    Jeff, It depends 🙂 One article would give probably better SEO, but I find it easier to write as I go. If you write up pages in summary after multiple blog posts, that might be the way to go. I might pick a “problem child” and write a general post on what the problem is a summary of what you know and then dig into documents you have in detail in later posts. This will help you think through what you know and what you need to know. Leave me the URL of your blog so I can follow along! Anne


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