Howard Arthur Turner

Howard Arthur TURNER was born on October 15th, 1919 in Rutherford County, North Carolina, the son of James Austin TURNER and Sudie Sarah HAMRICK TURNER.

The 1930’s

In 1938 and 1939, Howard, 18, was living with his parents, James Austin TURNER and Sudie Sarah HAMRICK TURNER, at 316 E Morehead, Charlotte, NC.  Howard’s brother James Austin Jr., was living around the corner with his wife Annie Lineriux BOONE TURNER; both James Sr. and Jr. were salesman.  Ira and Pearl TURNER, Howard’s aunt and uncle lived not far from them at 1826 E 4th; Ira owns Turner Trading Company.

In 1938, Howard is a student and in 1939 we see that Howard begins his career as a Radio Announcer.1

The 1940’s

On May 25, 1940 Howard marries Jennie Elizabeth PAYNE in Kings Mountain, North Carolina.2

He disappears from the City Directories in until 1943, where he is living with Jennie in Asheville, North Carolina.  Howard is a Radio Announcer for WISE Broadcasting as well as the manager of a Welding Engineering School where both his father, James, and his wife, Jennie, are working. 3 Their first child, a daughter is born in 1943.4

From 1944 to 1950, Howard and Jennie are back in Charlotte, and Howard is working for WBT, a major radio station in Charlotte, North Carolina.  They are living at 522 Hawthorne Lane in an apartment.  Their second child, a son is born in 1944.5

In 1951, it appears the couple has separated.  Howard is living with Lois Turner at 323 E Blvd in Charlotte and is now working for Turner’s.  Jennie is living at 523 Hawthorne Lane and is working as a nurse at the Presbyterian Hospital.


Howard Arthur Turner died June 26, 1992. This is from his obituary:

A radio newscaster at WBT (1110 AM) in the early 1940s, Mr. Turner also taught David Brinkley, now host of the Sunday news Program “This Week With David Brinkley,” who was a UPI news reporter at the Charlotte Station, how to announce on the radio – or so the story goes, says Mr. Turner’s son, Tom.

“My dad would like to tell us about how he taught David Brinkley how to announce on the radio. I don’t know if it’s absolutely true, but he sure liked to tell the story,” said Tom Turner, now president of his father’s supply company. From 1941 to 1946, Mr. Turner paired with Grady Cole, for whom the Grady Cole Center on Kings Drive is named, to produce morning news reports on WBT.” 7

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12 thoughts on “Howard Arthur Turner

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  2. Jeanie Roberts

    Howard A. Turner and Jennie E. Payne are listed on multiple trees as the parents of Ann (Turner) Currier who married Richard Currier in Salisbury, MA in 1643. How this came about is a mystery to me. Were they perchance time travelers? Gotta love the internet!

      1. melody

        Hi Anne,
        I am related to this family this is my husbands grandfather, we are trying to do a family book, do you have any more info on this family?

      2. Tom Turner

        Hi Anne,your uncle Tommy Turner here, ran across this while browsing. You look just like your mother, Kathy, hope all is good with you and Laura

  3. Jeanie Roberts

    I am not related to the Turners. I was researching Richard Currier and his wife Ann and kept coming across the Turner/Payne names complete with their correct birth years. I was googling their names and came across your blog. It is amazing what people will copy and paste into their family trees without even looking at what it is. Jeanie

  4. melody

    This is my husbands Grandfather we are trying to do a family history book. Anyone with information on this “turner” family please contact me

  5. Jennie Harper

    Lovely, I know exactly what my mom feeling were ob this subject. And this isn’t the Kathy Currier memorial it’s my grandfather’s !

  6. Robbie Payne (Robert H Payne Jr)

    Kathy and Tommy Turner are my 1st cousins, Jennie and my dad (Robert Payne) were brother and sister.

    1. Anne Gillespie Mitchell Post author

      Nice to meet you! I believe that makes a 2nd cousins. I’ll send you a private email so we can connect better.


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