Civil War Stories Assignment Page

Assignment 1: Organizing Your Data

Download this example excel spread sheet or create your own:

Assignment 2: Start Your Research Plan

Start your list with data collections from these sites:

Assignment 3: What side did they fight for?

  • What state did your ancestor live in 1860?
  • What state did your ancestor, or his descendants live in 1870?
  • Search on Ancestry and Fold3 for your ancestor, identifying possible records that might be your ancestor
  • If you can’t find your ancestor, look for brothers and brother in laws and try and identify those soldiers.

Assignment 4: What did your ancestor do in the Civil War?

Once you have identified the regiment you think your ancestor fought in, search for the Regiment Page on Fold3.

If it is a Union Regiment, look in the War of the Rebellion for your ancestor’s regiment.

If it is a Confederate Regiment, consider finding the appropriate Stephen Sifakis book and digging deeper.

Assignment 5: Look for Maps

Look for the regiment, battles and counties where your ancestor lived:

Assignment 6: Regimental and Company Histories

Assignment 7: Finding Photos