Wyatt Paul Gillespie (1865 – 1941)

Wyatt Paul GILLESPIE was my great-grandfather. He was the son and the youngest child of Jeremiah GILLESPIE and Mary Elizabeth GILLESPIE, who according to my Great Aunt Eva GILLESPIE, were first cousins..

I believe he was named after his maternal uncle Wyatt GILLESPIE, who died in a Yankee Prisoner of War Camp in Elmira, NY on 8 May 1865.

Wyatt had two sisters, Harriet and Sarah. Sara died before the age of 10. He also had three brothers, James, William, and George.

Wyatt was a Carpenter by trade and sometimes a farmer according to census reports I have seen for him.

Wyatt married Laura Cecile DONALD in 1894 in Rockbridge County, Virginia, where they lived the rest of their lives. They had eight children.


  1. Hi! Just found your blog; my husband is a “cousin” of yours (via Tarleton Gillespie and Mahala Reynolds). As it happens, most of my immediate family is from Wythe County, Virginia and through my amateur research I have found that the Smyth/Wythe Gillespies are also related to me. I’ll continue to follow your blog with interest!

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