Wyatt Paul Gillespie (1865 – 1941)

Wyatt Paul GILLESPIE was my great-grandfather. He was the son and the youngest child of Jeremiah GILLESPIE and Mary Elizabeth GILLESPIE, who according to my Great Aunt Eva GILLESPIE, were first cousins..

I believe he was named after his maternal uncle Wyatt GILLESPIE, who died in a Yankee Prisoner of War Camp in Elmira, NY on 8 May 1865.

Wyatt had two sisters, Harriet and Sarah. Sara died before the age of 10. He also had three brothers, James, William, and George.

Wyatt was a Carpenter by trade and sometimes a farmer according to census reports I have seen for him.

Wyatt married Laura Cecile DONALD in 1894 in Rockbridge County, Virginia, where they lived the rest of their lives. They had eight children.

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  1. Hi! Just found your blog; my husband is a “cousin” of yours (via Tarleton Gillespie and Mahala Reynolds). As it happens, most of my immediate family is from Wythe County, Virginia and through my amateur research I have found that the Smyth/Wythe Gillespies are also related to me. I’ll continue to follow your blog with interest!

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