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Read. Plan. Don’t Obsess. Wisdom Wednesday

So while I was at SLIG 2013 (Salt Lake Institute), I had a chance to ask a few CG’s (Certified Genealogist) including Stefanie Evans and Craig Scott, if they had any advice for a CG hopeful such as myself.

In summary, here is what I heard, and it makes sense:

  1. Read the Instructions.  Well, of course, right?  But how often do we actually do this?  Read the instructions at least enough times so that it makes sense.  It is so easy to read them wander off and start doing something and then remember things a little off kilter.One of my classmates at SLIG, forgot her instruction sheet for the first assignment and worked on the wrong problem.  I confess, on my first SLIG assignment, I thought I had a really good start until I reread the assignment.  I had a really good start on the wrong thing.  What was the old NBA public service announcement? Reading is Fundamental.  Oh, and not just the assignment.  The rubrics as well.  They tell you how the judges will grade you.  It’s not a secret.  No excuses for doing it wrong.
  2. Plan. It is so easy to just wander off willy nilly and start randomly working on projects.  My confession: I think this is what I’ve done.  I’ve started on my KDP (Kinship Determination Project), but I’ve been wallowing in it.  Sure it’s fun.  Sure I’m learning things.  But what is my plan to finish this big project?  Time to step back and WRITE it down I do believe.
  3. Don’t obsess. It is what my cousin describes as “wooling” over things.  No one has solved world hunger or come up with the solution for world peace with their BCG (Board for Certification of Genealogists) application.  And neither you or I will be the first.  Do the projects.  Do them to the best of your ability.  They aren’t going to be perfect.  And no one expects that.

Read.  Plan.  Don’t Obsess.

I have some reading and planning to do.