Wisdom Wednesday — Granny’s Dog

I love my two dogs, Coco and Belle.  I remember the dogs I had as kids, Boomer, Peppy and Caesar.  I can remember my dad talking about his dog Smokey and how he claimed that the one time he ever get in trouble was for tying Smokey to the water heater.    I believe the “one time he got in trouble” is a bit of a family legend.

I recently obtained this picture of my great grandmother Laura Cecil Donald Gillespie that has Laura Gillespie and dog Mckey or Mickey 1950 on the back:

Granny Laura and her Dog, about 1950. Granny was 73 years old. This looks like it was taken at 108 Houston Street, Lexington, Virginia.

Do you think this is the same dog as:

Eva Gillespie and grandchildren of Wyatt and Laura Gillespie, about 1944

Hmm.  Not too sure.  The dog would have been 6 years older in the picture with Granny, but not enough black on it’s face unless the sunshine is making it look white.    Looks like a similar dog.

I just love the picture.  Sitting on the front porch in a rocking chair, reading a book with your dog.  Sounds like a lovely way to spend the afternoon.

4 thoughts on “Wisdom Wednesday — Granny’s Dog

  1. ljhlaura

    A porch, a rocking chair, a book, a loyal dog … can’t beat that. I do think the sun is obscuring the color of the dog on the porch, so it’s hard to tell if it’s the same or a different dog … but the porch dog looks a tiny bit taller here.

  2. Carolyn

    This exercise makes me think of my recent memoir writing class. A good place to begin to write and keep track of your memories for your descendants…Great job. Next try pictures of the houses you have lived in and stories that embellish your own history.

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