Treasure Chest Thursday — It’s Cute, So Why Not

That’s me sitting on my Dad’s knee with that chipmunk grin on my face.

Gil Gillespie, Laura Gillespie, Anne Gillespie

I’m guessing the photo was taking in late ’64 or early ’65.  And we were probably in Charleston, South Carolina, where we lived at the time. I wonder why my sister is so fascinated with the lawn?

3 thoughts on “Treasure Chest Thursday — It’s Cute, So Why Not

  1. Jacqi

    Sweet. Glad to “indulge” you at any time. While gen research seems to focus on the distant past, I think it’s productive to include some history of the recent past, too. After all, someday we will become the distant past!

  2. gjohns

    Perhaps yr little sister was born in the summer/previous autumn and only now really sees there is interest in it? “something new” I had this too apparently – due to family’s location and weather there.

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