Follow Friday —, Family Stories and Motivation

This is two weeks worth of Follow Friday, since I missed last weeks.  Lots of good reading in here!

A couple of posts about

The mapping stories always make me think we need to try to represent our families without trees to break through walls.

Family Stories:


And a few more posts to get you thinking:

9 thoughts on “Follow Friday —, Family Stories and Motivation

  1. Sheryl

    i really enjoy reading this blog, and I’m honored that you think that the post about the Victor Victrola machine on A Hundred Years Ago was worthy of inclusion on this list.

  2. Kathy Smith Morales

    Thank you for including me. I am honored! Unfortunately I can’t comment on your blog except this way. I haven’t commented using facebook before, but I wanted you to know I appreciate your encouragement! (

  3. Jacqi

    Anne, good point on your mapping stories (re: That breaking-through-brick-walls experience hit me like, well, a ton of bricks once when I obtained a 120-year-old plat map from Perry County, Ohio–and realized that the names handwritten in on each property were surnames that married into our family lines. Proximity sometimes results in more than one kind of relationship…

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