Follow Friday —, Family Stories and Motivation

This is two weeks worth of Follow Friday, since I missed last weeks.  Lots of good reading in here! A couple of posts about -- A Way to Plot Cluster Genealogy Research (Geneabloggers) Mappy Monday - Fun with and an Upcoming Cool Feature Too!  (Jana's Genealogy and Family History Blog) The mapping... Continue Reading →

Sunday’s Obituary: Maiden Aunts and Bachelor Uncles — Minnie Maude Gillespie

Every generation has their own maiden aunts and bachelor uncles who leave behind no children and often there  is no one left to tell their story.  They truly become forgotten stories.  I will devote Sunday to those Aunts and Uncles. Minnie Maude Gillespie was the oldest child of Wyatt Paul Gillespie and Laura Cecile Donald... Continue Reading →

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