Motivation Monday — I’m On The Clock!

While I was at FGS 2012 in Birmingham, Alabama I took the plunge and started my CG clock.  I was being nudged.  Mark Lowe said something about steel toed boots! I  had been considering doing this since I graduated from my BU course and the time seemed right.  I’m also doing this with 3 friends….a little encouragement along the way should be a good thing.

So I have a year to complete the following tasks:

  1. Sign an ethics statement.  This seems like a reasonable thing to do. 🙂
  2. Write a resume from a genealogical point of view.  I can do that.
  3. Do a transcription, abstraction, and research plan for a document selected by BCG.   I can do this, I’ve done in class and I get the idea.
  4. Same as #3 but for a document of my choosing.  I’ve got an awesome chancery case.
  5. Client Report.  Needs to be meat enough to show off my skills.  And given that I’ve never had a paying client, it has to be pro bono work.  If you’ve got a big southern problem, let me know.
  6. Conflicting or Indirect Evidence.  I know how to write a proof, the trick on this one will be selecting something that is complex enough to show off my skills.
  7. Narrative lineage.  I’ve picked 3 couples from my tree and I’m looking forward to this one.

After listening to many current CGs talk, I’m looking at this next year as not a OMG I have to prove myself, but a really good learning experience.    This is not about being the most brilliant genealogist but about proving to myself I understand the process and how records are used to illustrate the lives of our ancestors.

Oh, and reading instructions.   Critical for every application!

I am really excited.

7 thoughts on “Motivation Monday — I’m On The Clock!

  1. Karen

    If you consider North Carolina and Tennessee (southern), I may have an interesting problem that you could use for 5. or 6.

  2. Melissa Smith

    I have 2 southern brickwalls, and I’d be happy for you to tackle either of them. One is a Mary Eliza Ann Lockhart born probably in TN possibly 1857 or, to my thinking, before, and died in Benton County, TN in about 1894. The other is a Calvin Parker born in about 1797 in SC and died in Benton County, TN in about 1852. I have additional information if you would like to tackle either of these. And good luck on becoming certified!

  3. Judy Tucker

    Good luck, if you really need a mystery my maternal great grandmother is one. All I know about her is my grandmother said her first name and middle name was Icelo Belle or Isolo Belle, I am not sure of the spelling. She died some where between 1903 and 1908. I would love to find out what her maiden name was, I have tried everything I know to do.

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