Tuesday’s Tip — Two New Links You Must Check Out

We all know that family histories, local histories, indexes of vital and the sort are awesome for finding nuggets of gold.  Check out FamilySearch’s Family History Books beta site:


Second link, courtesy of Mark Lowe: Bouvier’s Law Dictionary, which can be found in google books:

Notice the dates? These were the references that law clerks and the like used as reference in the 1800’s in the south.  Want to know about what a drove-road is and what it means? The information is there.

Remember, don’t look if you just have two minutes! Trust me!

3 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Tip — Two New Links You Must Check Out

  1. Jacqi

    That first resource is turning out to be a promising one for me, Anne. And that second one is plain old fascinating. Thanks for passing the word along.

  2. Michelle Ganus Taggart

    I love Bouvier’s Law Dictionary. It has helped me more than once in putting legal terms into the context of the time period. Glad to know it is on Google Books. Thanks! (and I too initially learned about it through Mark Lowe.) I really enjoy your blog.

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