Sorting Saturday — Fun with Names using Wolfram

I was named for my two grandmothers, Ann Irene Feazell and Jennie Elizabeth Payne.  The name Ann seems to have no family connection that I can find, so I’m also curious as to why she was named Ann.  I found an app on my iPad that added some possible illumination: Wolfram styles itself as a Genealogy & History Research Assistant.

I choose Names History, and then First Name and enter my first name Anne

And then I “Compute”

My first name was chosen for my paternal grandmother, Ann Irene (no idea why mine is spelled with an ‘e’).  She was born in 1917. You’ll notice the name Anne had a surge in popularity at that time.  Is that why my great grandparents chose that name that was handed down to me? There is no known person that my grandmother was named for, so this is a likely possibility.

You can also find variations on names, which as we all know is incredibly useful to those  of us who are searching for those elusive ancestors.

Name Variatons

It doesn’t do all known name variations, but it gives you some good possibilities.

Fun little app.  Give it a try.  Inspiration comes from all sorts of places.

2 thoughts on “Sorting Saturday — Fun with Names using Wolfram

  1. Hankering for History

    Wolfram is insane. I love what they come up with! When it comes to math…no one is better. Google better watch their back.

    On a side note, been seeing in the news lately… I hope it means nothing bad for you.

  2. Yvette Hoitink

    Just a thought, but Anne of Green Gables first appeared in 1908. She made much of her name (“Anne with an -e”) so perhaps this inspired many people to name their daughters after her?

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