Ancestors from Outer Space and Constructive Criticism. It’s Follow Friday!

Here’s what I’ve been reading this week:

Two on

Slavery-Related Court Petitions Online Database from Genealogy Decoded

Two from The Legal Genealogist

That Was Constructive Criticism, You Fool! from Midwestern Microhistory: A Genealogy Blog

Two stories continued:

And a couple of my posts on Sticky Notes

3 thoughts on “Ancestors from Outer Space and Constructive Criticism. It’s Follow Friday!

  1. Jacqi Stevens

    Anne, I have to admit: your title today captivated me. I had to come take a look!

    The main reason for this was I recall actually seeing a heading for “Outer Space” (or something similar) on Cyndi’s List once–actually laughing at the thought. Evidently, some people have been seriously tempted to think about that possibility…

    Glad you included mention of your articles at Sticky Notes. Helpful to have the link to these.

  2. Toni P

    MY Ancestors from Outer Space : I’ve done all those things with no success. I can track the wife back to Noah but her husband is a no show! Census says he was born in Prince Edward Island in 1804 so there’s a big problem right there. I have looked on every site I can find for any kind of data. I found his marriage in Nova Scotia in 1836. They moved all over the place constantly, even back and forth to Canada, and we wonder if he was a fugitive! Other relatives made the trip to PEI and didn’t find anything. I did find one person with the right last name in PEI in 1798 but couldn’t connect him to my ancestor. Maybe someday something will show up there. In the meantime I have put him on the back burner. Maybe we’re related to ET!!

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