So That’s What She Looked Like!

Wouldn’t it be nice if we had pictures of all of our ancestors? One of the joys of being on Ancestry (note: they employ me!) is that you can connect with so many people.  I met a cousin a while back and we messaged back and forth.  Lovely lady.

And a week or so ago, she said she had a picture of Elizabeth Jane Wallace.  Now Elizabeth, my 2nd great great grandmother, doesn’t even have a grave marker.  This was too much to hope for, but sure enough here it is:

elizabeth jane wallace and martha cash

Elizabeth is in the lower left, her mother Martha Jane Cash, is in the lower right.  Is it me or do they appear to be short a few teeth?  Upper right is Aurelia Donald Brogan, upper left is is Ethel Jane Brogan.  Martha died in 1913, so it was taken before then.  Ethel was born in 1890, so I would guess the picture was taken between 1905 and 1913.

What a delightful to have!


3 thoughts on “So That’s What She Looked Like!

  1. thegenealogygirl

    I love it when this happens! I recently connected with a cousin that led to a photo share of my 4th great grandmother. I still don’t have one of her daughter that I descend from, so this was especially surprising and delightful!

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