Creating a State Research Guide: The Basics

I’m preparing for my RootsTech talk Research Guides: Researching Everything But People.  If you are at RootsTech, the talk is at 4:30, March 1st in room 250A

I’m going to show you how to gather bits and pieces of information so that you can create a research guide about places that will remind you where to look and hopefully inspire you a bit.

First we will start with the basics and they should be the same for every state, more or less.  You will want to find links or information about:

  • State Archive
  • State Library
  • History for the State
  • State Genealogy Society
  • State Historical Society
  • State GenWeb Page
  • Ancestry Wiki
  • FamilySearch Wiki
  • Cyndi’s List
  • Ancestry Research Guide
  • State Historical Markers

Not every state will have all of these, but most will.

Replace all of these prompts above with the link and then create a blog page, a OneNote or Evernote page or a word document so that you can access it again.  You can check out Virginia  Resources, North Carolina Resources and South Carolina Resources to see what I have done.

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