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Amanuensis Monday — Estate Settlement of James Calvin Donald

I posted James C Donald’s obituary yesterday.    This is the settlement of his estate.

James C Donald’s Appraisement

An Inventory and appraisement of the Personal Estate of James C Donald dec’d made November 20th 1900, by John T L Preston, L M Leibig and Greenlee Farrow in pursuance of an order of Rockbridge County Court, Virginia, of date November 7th 1900, having been first duly sworn for the purpose

Appraisement of Property claimed by the widow of James C. Donald decd as exempt from sale under Sections 3650 and 3653 of the code of Virginia and set aside to her
Property   (Value)
1 Roan Mare (56.66)                            56.66
6 chairs  (1.30)
1 sow and two pigs (11.00)
1 sewing machine     (6.33)

Given under our hands the day and year first hereinbe-
fore written

J L Barger, D.S. for Thomas A         Greenlee Farrow  (all three appraisers)
Sterrett S R C & as such                L M Leibig
Adm of James C Donald decd         J T L Preston

Examine and approved for recordation
W.s. Hopkins Coms of accts
State of Virginia
In Rockbridge County Court Clerk’s Office, December 11th 1901. This Appraisement of the Personal estate of James C Donald deceased was this day presented in this office and admitted to record
Teste: A T Shields Clerk

James C Donald’s
Sale Bill

Sale Bill of Personal Property of James C Donald, decd made by his Administrator December 27th 1900

J Scott Moore, Clerk of Sale

Examined & approved for recordation.
W. S. Hopkins, Court of Accts

state of Virginia
In Rockbridge County Court Clerk’s Office, December 11th 1901.

This Sale BIll of the Personal Estate of James C Donald deceased was this day presented in this office and admitted to record.

Teste: A T Shields, Clerk 1

Often in the sale of estate items you will find relatives of the family.  This case is no different.  James H Donald and John Donald are the sons of James C Donald.  James E Brogran and W P (Wyatt Paul) Gillespie are the son-in-laws.    I suspect, thought I don’t know, that D H Gillespie is Daniel Heck Gillespie who was Wyatt’s cousin.  John Eaton may be James wife, Elizabeth Wallace’s uncle.


1. Rockbridge County, Virginia, Will Book, Book 31: 396-39, Estate Appraisement and Sale of James C Donald, Nov 7 1900, Dec 27, 1900 and 11 Dec 1901, County Clerk’s Office, Rockbridge;
Family Search (, accessed : 16 Jan 2009 ).

Amanuensis Monday — The House on 108 Houston Street

In 1907, my Great Grandfather, Wyatt Paul Gillespie,  bought what I thought was a house at 108 Houston Street in Lexington, Virginia, but now that I reread the document, it appears that he bought the land, which lends credence to the family legend that he built the house.

I’m posting this so I can refer to in what I know will be many blog posts. Someone in the family lived here for most of the 1900’s.

Deed for 108 Houston Street, Lexington, Virginia 1


This deed made this the 14 day of November in the year 1907, between
J A Champe, and Nora F Champe his wife, parties of the first part,
and W. P. Gillispie, part of the second part, all of the county of
Rockbridge VA.,
That in consideration of $115.00 cash in hand paid, the receipt whereof
is hereby acknowledged, and the four bonds drawn by the W.P,
Gillispie, bearing date Oct 1st 1906, and payable to J. A. Champ, for the
sum of $100.00 each, payable in 1- 2- 3- and 4 years from date, said
bonds bearing interest from date, ( the interest being paid up to
Oct, 1 1907) the said parties of the first part doth grant and convey
unto the said part of the second part, with general warranty of title.,
a certain lot or parcel of land, situatied on Houston Street in the twon
of Lexington, Va, fronting on said street 141 feet, and running back the
full length of the lot owned by the sad J. A Champe, to 139 feet wide
in the rear. The lot conveyed adjoins a lot of John Sheridans,
on th eNorth west and J. A. Manspile on, on the sout east.
The said parties of the first part, hereby expressly retains a Vendor’s
lien on the said land hereby conveyed, as ultimate securety for the pay-
ment of the four bonds mentioned in this deed aggregating the sum of
Four hundred dollars, with all interest that may acrue thereon.
The said parties of the first part covenants, that they have the right
to convey the said lot, and have done nothing to encumber the same.
Witness the following signatures and seals.
J. A. Champe (signature) (seal)
Nora F Champe (signature) (seal)



1. Rockbridge County, Virginia, photo copy, J A and Nora F Champe to W P Gillespie, 14 Nov 1907, Lexington; copy privately held by Anne Mitchell inherieted from father, Gilbert McClung Gillespie.