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  • Are You a Hints Power User : Overwhelmed by your hints? Spend five minutes with Anne Gillespie Mitchell and you’ll learn how hints power users get the most of their hints.
  • Hidden Treasures in Your State : Changing where you look for your ancestors can break through brick walls. Spend five minutes with Anne Gillespie Mitchell and learn how to find collections and records specific to the state where your ancestor lived.
  • Nosy About the Neighbors : It is important to put your ancestors in context. Putting them in context of the people who lived nearby reveals the type of community they lived in. And these are the people they gossiped about! You have to know…
  • Rich Man, Poor Man : Finding your ancestors in the US Federal Census records is the first step. Spend 5 minutes with Anne Gillespie Mitchell and learn about the personal wealth your ancestors had.
  • Location, Location, Location : Genealogy is all about location. Start your searches in a limited location and then expand them slowly to find who you are looking for.
  • Saving Fold3 Finds to Ancestry : Now when you make that great find on Fold3, a simple click of the button will save it to your tree. Learn How.
  • Wife Hunting
  • Should I Check Exact When I Search?
  • Find the Parents
  • Social Security Death Index: Uncovering Hidden Clues: It’s easy to find an entry in the Social Security Death Index. But have you uncovered the “Last Benefit/Last Resident” clues?

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6 thoughts on “How To Videos

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  2. Carlyn

    Dear Anne: Thankyou for letting me a part of Sticky Notes. I have 2 problems that are vexing. 1) Tony Champ McCoy has no real beginning. He has a beginning which starts at the College in Los Angelos, Calif. but no birth records, no immigration records, no parent connections. He was married to Rebecca Jane Boverie McCoy who has Texas connections and Belgium connections that are from the same place as Jacklyn Kennedy Onassis. But Tony Champ McCoy has a divorce decree that is connected to Rebecca J.B.McCoy with a totally different name. So, the Tony McCoy alias Buddy McCoy from Texas is not the same as my Tony Champ McCoy. So, how do I overcome this problem?
    2) My great grandfather, Johann Staerk (Stark) is from Poland. I cannot go further back than his immigration to New York City. How can I access his family records? I cannot travel to Poland at this time. Initially, his family came from the Netherlands and then travelled to Germany, then they were overtaken land wise by the Poles and then by Russia . Then, 1899 immigrated to Canada via the New York, USA port. CAVM77.

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