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Places I’ve Been, Places They’ve Been: Tuesday’s Tip

This map from Visited States Map Generator has popped up in my Facebook feed multiple times, so I had to make one.  It’s a map!  Who could resist?

where-i-beenColor codes:

  • Green — I’ve lived there
  • Blue — I’ve spent significant time there
  • Orange — I’ve spent at least a night there, most likely more
  • Red (or is that pink?) I’ve at least driven through and experienced the state
  • White — Never been.  Alaska should be there as well.  And I need to get to the Northeast corner of the country.  How have they not been on my travel schedule?

I thought it might be interesting to build the map from a genealogy point of view.  My ancestors once they arrived in this country, mostly in the 1700’s, were not very migratory. So my map is fairly blank.

ancestorsBut here are the color codes that I used:

  • Blue — My paternal ancestors
  • Green — My maternal ancestors
  • Orange – Both paternal and maternal ancestors
  • Red — Places where a lot of descendants of my ancestors migrated to, not including my director ancestors

From my research my maternal side came came into the country from South Carolina and migrated over time into North Carolina.  My paternal side seems to have come in through Pennsylvania and migrated down into Virginia and North Carolina.   I believe some of them came into Virginia ports as well.  But that is just a suspicion.

I would love to seem maps from people who have families who were wanderers.  Play around on Visited States Map Generator and see what you come up with.

Happy Mapping!