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Is Your Blog Shareable? Make It Easy On Your Readers. Motiviation Monday

Is your blog shareable?  Do you share posts that you read?

If you want to drive traffic to you blog, make sharing easy.  A click of the button should be all it takes for your readers to share your latest observation.

If you have a wordpress blog, then you should use the sharing widget:

Sharing on WordPress from Finding Forgotten Stories

Sharing on facebook or twitter should be just a click.  Make it easy for you readers to email.

Any blog platform will have this capability.

Allow your readers to follow you by email.  WordPress has a widget you can add to a sidebar:

Follow Blog via Email on Finding Forgotten Stories

Also, put some thought into the title of each post.  “John Smith” is not that descriptive or engaging.  “Why did John Smith abandon his wife and 3 children in 1849?” might draw a few more people in.

And label your images so that if someone “pins” them on Pinterest, they have a meaningful label.  image007 is not meaningful.  John and Mary Smith, Franklin, Virginia from Finding Forgotten Stories tells the world what the picture is about and where it came from.

I pin pictures from blogs I read to my “Genealogy Blogs” board.  You never know where that new reader is going to come from!

Genealogy Blogs Board from Finding Forgotten Stories

Make it easier on your readers!  And don’t forget to share those posts you read on others blogs that are interesting to you.

Top Ten Articles Shared in 2012 from Finding Forgotten Stories

These are the top ten articles that I wrote that were shared to other places, including Facebook and Twitter.  I left out my Follow Friday posts as those are just compilations of other people’s links.

Over half of the shares were to Facebook. I’m surprised that Twitter was less than Google.

Distribution of Shares on Finding Forgotten Stories

Distribution of Shares on Finding Forgotten Stories

I’m pleased that one of my very first posts “How Eight Children Ended Up Living Along in 1930” is on the list.  Finding that information about my grandmother was a significant genealogy moment for me.  Also, the post which has a recently discovered picture of my Uncle Paul, sister and me.

It also appears that some of my articles on sourcing struck people as useful as well.  I find it very encouraging that people care about sourcing.  I’m not an expert by any means.  But I do know that if I had started sourcing earlier in my genealogy career I would have been a happier camper.


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    My sister and I sitting with my Uncle Paul

    Photo from Wisdom Wednesday: Uncle Paul and Andy Griffith. My sister and I sitting with my Uncle Paul

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