Female Ancestors, Chancery Records and Deeds

Last weekend, I was in Wytheville, Virginia doing a little research and giving a couple of Lectures. On Friday, I was lucky enough to spend time at the Wythe County Genealogical and Historical Association Regional Research Center: This is their new home.  Wonderful building, with lots and lots of great material.  I spent time digging... Continue Reading →

I’ll Be Speaking In Virginia on April 2nd!

Will you be in the southern Virginia area the weekend of April 2nd? The Family History Institute of Southwest Virginia will be held Saturday, April 2nd, 2016. I'll be presenting two sessions: Researching Women in the South and Proving Kinship with Land and Chancery Records. You can register for the Family History Institute of Southwest... Continue Reading →

My Family Married Each Other a Lot and Other Musings from RootsTech

When an offhand remark from RootsTech ended up on Twitter, I knew I must have had the attention of a few people! "My family married itself over and OVER again." @AncestryAnne #RootsTech #TiesThatBind — Family Sleuther (@FamilySleuther) February 6, 2016 Four lectures in four days along with a few booth demos of Ancestry Academy left... Continue Reading →

Slides from How To Reveal Your Female Ancestor’s Story on Ancestry.com

Here are my slides from How To Reveal Your Female Ancestor's Story on Ancestry.com that I presented Thursday at FGS in San Antonio.  What a fun crowd! PDF Slides for How To Reveal Your Female Ancestor's Story on Ancestry.com You will also find blog posts on the people I talked about and other female stories... Continue Reading →

Presentation Slides from Midwestern Roots

I had a great time at Midwestern Roots 2014 in Indianapolis this past weekend!  Lots of enthusiastic and energetic researchers. 🙂 I've uploaded my presentation slides from my 4 presentations at Midwestern Roots.  Check out the Slides and Presentations Page for the PDF's of those presentations. Also, I mentioned that my blog post Ask Ancestry... Continue Reading →

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