Follow Friday — Cradle Robbing, How To’s, and Other Inspiration for Your Friday

Here is what inspired or otherwise caught my interest this week: Dower Share, Dowry & Dower Rights by William Dollarhide Tech Tuesday: Using Pinterest for your Family History Photographs by Michael Davies Tuesday's Tip: Staying on Track by Kelly Vial Coping with Conflicting Census Data by Natalie Parker Use your local genealogy society for your... Continue Reading →

Amanuensis Monday — Estate Settlement of James Calvin Donald

I posted James C Donald's obituary yesterday.    This is the settlement of his estate. James C Donald's Appraisement (Ex'd) An Inventory and appraisement of the Personal Estate of James C Donald dec'd made November 20th 1900, by John T L Preston, L M Leibig and Greenlee Farrow in pursuance of an order of Rockbridge County... Continue Reading →

Sorting Saturday — My Documents Are a Complete and Utter Mess or Yes, Elizabeth Shown Mills is Always Right

In my post Sorting Saturday: Starting a Narrative Lineage, I stated that my grandfather was the descendant of a Civil War Veteran, specifically, the a member of the Stonewall Brigade.  And I left the proof for later.  Here are the statements I need to prove: Gilbert McClung GILLESPIE was the son of Laura Cecile DONALD.... Continue Reading →

Follow Friday, part Two : Boston University Genealogical Research Certificate Alumni Blogs

I am a very proud of my Genealogical Research Certificate from the Boston University, Center for Professional Education.  One of the great parts of the class was meeting so many people who really care about genealogy and doing it right. I started collecting blogs published by the graduates of the class.  Here is my first... Continue Reading →

Follow Friday — Genealogy as a Professsion, 7 Marriages, and A Hundred Years Ago

Here's what I've been reading this week. Fun New Blog: A Hundred Years Ago by Sheryl Lazarus Book of Names: Remember our Irish Women from the Irish in America DNA and the Question of How Many Wives by The Legal Genealogist by Carolyn L. Barkley Will Blogging My Family History Spoil the Book from... Continue Reading →

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