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Follow Friday: Georgia Archives Petition, Certification Posts, Legal Insights

What I’ve been reading this week:

A lot of good stuff from The Legal Genealogist:

Harold Henderson’s Posts on Certification from Midwestern Microhistory: A Genealogy Blog:

Follow Friday — Nine Eleven Remembrance, Remember Our Ancestors, and Posts to Make You Think

9/11 Memorial 'Flag Reflection' (6-18)

National September 11 Memorial in NYC “honors those killed in the terrorist attacks of 9/11/2001 and 2/26/1993”. by LizBallerPhotos

This week we remembered 9/11 victims and relived our own experiences of the day and we remembered our family in other ways as well.

9/11 Thoughts and Remembrances

Remembering Our Ancestors

Genealogy Thoughts and Useful Knowledge

Follow Friday — Reality Television, Genealogy Police, Mary Todd Lincoln Insane?

It’s been two weeks since my last Follow Friday, so the list is long.  Some really good stuff in here.

  1. If Genealogy Dominated Reality Television from The We Tree Genealogy Blog
  2. Evidence from Provenance
  3. Those Genealogy Police Are At It Again! from Planting the Seeds
  4. The Moment I Knew – Mariann’s Story from the Armchair Genealogist
  5. The atDNA gamble from The Legal GenealogistMount Vernon from Belle Grove Plantation
  6. Why did the pigeon-toed girl cross the board? from Abbie and Eveline
  7. A True Love Story? from A Southern Sleuth
  8. Don’t Dare Add It Yet from A Family Tapestry
  9. Where Were They? When barbed wire was invented from Ancestral Breezes
  10. The (History of and) Importance of Voting from Hankering for History
  11. Sentimental Sunday: Juliette and her daughters
  12. Granville Roy Jackson, 1882-1939 from Past Remembrances
  13. Men with Bicycles from Images of the Jackson Purchase’s Past
  14. Carnival of Genealogy: Emotional Discovery in My Research from Ancestor Chase

And a couple of interesting news articles:

Follow Friday — Senseless Vandalism and Other Posts to Make You Think

Here is what inspired, moved and made me think this past week:

Follow Friday — Uencounter.me, Family Stories and Motivation

This is two weeks worth of Follow Friday, since I missed last weeks.  Lots of good reading in here!

A couple of posts about uencounter.me:

The mapping stories always make me think we need to try to represent our families without trees to break through walls.

Family Stories:


And a few more posts to get you thinking:

Follow Friday — 1940 is Done! and Blown Away with DNA

Here is what I’ve been reading this week.  It’s been a great week for genealogy blogs!

From Ancestry.com

A beautiful pictorial journey through Virginia: Surprises Around Every Corner by Belle Grove Plantation Bed and Breakfast:


And last, but not least, what I thought was the most touching story of the week from the Legal Genealogist, Judy Russell: Blown Away with DNA

Follow Friday: Government Boondoggles, Mexican Ancestors, and DNA

What I’ve been reading on the web this week: